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Why it’s good to Have Annual Maintenance on Your Heating System

Most people tend to neglect the maintenance of their heating system until it begins to show signs of a problem. This is pretty easy to understand. When you only use something part of the year, you probably don’t think too much about it as long as it works properly. This kind of attitude can actually lead to a great many problems, however. Let’s take a look at how annual maintenance can actually save you lots of money and frustration.

Preventative Maintenance

Problems that arise in your heating system can almost always be prevented or at least mitigated by regular maintenance. An extremely serious problem, like a cracked heat exchanger, can be caused by something as simple as a dirty air filter. Regular maintenance checks can catch things like bad air filters before they have the chance to cause any serious damage, saving you a great deal of money in the process. It is far easier and cheaper to replace a disposable part than it is to replace something central to the operation of the heater.


Regular maintenance can ensure that your heating system is in the best condition it can be when you need it most. The best time to have your heating system checked is during the fall season, right before the winter season when the demand for heat is highest. By scheduling your annual maintenance to take place every fall, you are making sure that your heating system is up to the challenge of increased operation for the next several months. After all, the very last thing you want is for your heating system to break down in the middle of winter. Demand for HVAC repair tends to spike during this season, so you may even find yourself without heat for several days before your local technician can get to you.

If you haven’t scheduled your annual heating maintenance yet, contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning. We conduct heating maintenance throughout Colorado Springs.

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