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Why More and More Homeowners Choose Home Automation

Taking the time to manage energy usage at home may help you to save a lot of money over the course of a year and reduce your use of the earth’s natural resources. But you may not have the time to turn off every single light and small appliance before you leave the home in the morning. And it can be stressful when no one is home to switch off a light you’re certain you left on, or to adjust the temperature before you arrive.

With Nexia™ Home Intelligence from Trane, you can do all of this and more from your smart phone, tablet, or computer with internet access. Home automation is becoming more and more popular among busy, energy-conscious homeowners, and here’s why!

Control Your Heating and AC from Anywhere You Are

The heating and air conditioning systems take up the largest portion of most people’s bills. You can save some money on heating and cooling by finding an efficient temperature to set the thermostat to in the daytime and readjusting the temperature by 10 degrees while you are away or asleep. But you may forget to do this before you leave, or you may end up arriving home later or earlier than expected. With a thermostat that connects to your Wi-Fi, you can control the temperature from an app on your phone even while you are far away.

Automate Your Lights

The same system that connects to your Trane furnace, heat pump, or AC can also connect to a system that controls your lights and small appliances. You can schedule systems to only turn on when needed, or you can turn them on and off from work (or from the comfort of your couch).

Monitor Your Home Security

Feel safe and secure with a Schlage home keypad, another system that connects with the Nexia™ Home Intelligence app. Lock and unlock the front door from the app. You can monitor activity from the app, change entry codes as needed, and even get email alerts to see who is entering your home based on the specific entry code assigned to that person.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning offers home automation services in Colorado Springs, CO with Nexia™ Home Intelligence systems from Trane. Call today to learn more!

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