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5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Costs So Much to Run

AC-compressor-money-pileSummer is nearly here and that means another season of sun, fun, and…bills. You expect your heating costs to be high in the winter, but what’s going on with these high cooling costs? Air conditioners are complex machines with a lot of moving components that can certainly add to your energy bills in the summer, but if your bills seem to grow exponentially year after year, it’s time to think about what might be going wrong.

We would need to take a look at your air conditioning system and your home to know for sure what’s adding onto your bills—and we’d be happy to do it! Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment for your air conditioner in Colorado Springs. In the meantime, check out some of the common reasons an air conditioner costs more to run than expected.

#1: Air Leaks in the House

An air leak around a window may seem like a minor problem, but these leaks add up. A leak around a window or door, or around a pipe leading out of the house, adds heat back into the home, making your air conditioner work a lot harder and costing you more. Use caulk and weather stripping to seal air leaks around the house.

#2: User Error

Are you using your thermostat as efficiently as you can? High monthly costs could be due to a thermostat that’s set a little lower than it really needs to be. As it turns out, most people are perfectly comfortable in a home that is only being cooled to about 78°F, as opposed to a chilly 72°F. Also, turn up the temperature by 10°F when you are away or asleep, for at least 8 hours a day, to save 10%!

#3: Repair Needs

If your air conditioner costs more to run with each passing month, it’s likely in need of some service. You should schedule air conditioning maintenance at the beginning of the season each year to fine-tune and inspect an air conditioning unit and keep it in tip-top shape. If you haven’t had an inspection in a while, your AC may need a repair you didn’t know about.

Your best bet is to call in a technician to assess your system if bills seem unreasonable with regular usage. It may only need a simple repair like a coil cleaning or a small electrical component replacement.

#4: Old Equipment

Now, for the bad news. Eventually, your air conditioner will stop working. Whether it’s shut down for good, or you’ve been told that a repair for an inefficient air conditioner will cost thousands of dollars, a new AC replacement will save you money each month anyway. Just make sure you have a professional technician install your new system and that you only get one that is properly sized for your home.

#5: A Dirty Air Filter

Here’s some good news for those worried about costly repairs. Often, an air conditioner that’s not working the way you expect simply needs a filter change. A dirty filter stops air from flowing throughout the AC system, which means that your air conditioner has to work a lot harder to keep you cool. That results in additional energy usage and, of course, higher bills. Change your air filter each month (or, at most, every 3 months) to keep bills manageable!

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