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Starting Up Your AC: Do This First!

AC-Unit-Outside-SummerBefore you start up your air conditioning system for the first time this season, there’s something you should know: your air conditioner is not indestructible! Many people forget that an air conditioner can break down when they need it most, but preventative care can go a long way in keeping your system healthy.

Prevent your air conditioner from breaking, consuming too much energy, or keeping you less comfortable by following these tips on what to do before starting up your AC for the season. For more information, call our friendly team!

Uncover Your AC System

Covering an air conditioner in the winter, while not necessary, is sometimes recommended due to the reduction in debris and dust collection on your outside coils. This may help to prevent buildup on the outside coil, along with preventing weather damage in the case of a blizzard. However, you shouldn’t keep the cover on for long.

If you have a cover you use to protect the outside system, it’s vital you remove this before starting up the AC system in the spring. The outside unit releases heat into the air around it, so a cover can actually cause the unit to burn!

Maintain Your Air Conditioner Professionally

There’s only so much a homeowner can do to maintain the central AC system on his or her own. Your best bet to fully prepare your air conditioner for the spring and summer seasons is to schedule professional AC maintenance with a qualified technician. That way, you know that the system is fine-tuned and ready for the work ahead. Besides, a tune-up may help you save on monthly energy costs.

Don’t Run the AC and Humidifiers Together

In the winter, you run your humidifier to add enough moisture to the air to keep you comfortable. Dry air can be a nuisance—but often not in the summer. Adding moisture into the air actually makes you warmer, reducing your body’s ability to self-regulate temperatures.

You may have an automatic control in the thermostat to shut off the humidifier, but usually, it requires more work. For more information on manually shutting down your humidifier for the season, contact a local technician.

Make Sure the Thermostat Is Not Just Running Your Fan

It’s something we get calls for from time to time that ends up being no problem at all. The fan may be running without cooling down the air. However, sometimes, this is simply because the thermostat is not properly programmed. Before the season begins, make sure the thermostat is set in accordance with your cooling preferences, including taking the system off “fan only” mode.

Change the Filter(s)

Of course, this is one you’ll hear from us all the time, and that’s with good reason. An air filter gets clogged up with dirt and debris over time. And this means that air cannot get sucked through and into the system the way it’s supposed to. That can lead to wear and tear, reduced cooling, and poor efficiency, all of which we want to help you avoid.

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