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There’s Still Time to Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

Annual AC services help to get your air conditioning system into better condition, allowing you the chance to save money and worry less about the performance of your air conditioner throughout the spring and summer. We typically recommend AC services once a year, and there’s still time to schedule your annual maintenance service!

Why Should You Schedule AC Service?

This process is unfamiliar to many of our customers. But once we detail the benefits, the value of annual air conditioning maintenance becomes clear. During a visit, a technician comes over to:

  • Inspect the system, inside and out.
  • Make a few minor adjustments and oil motors.
  • Clean off the outside coil and blower components, if needed.

This can help you out in so many ways:

  • You find out about any air conditioning problems so that you can schedule AC repair today, while the weather is mild, before your system breaks down.
  • The system operates more efficiently after a tune-up, so your bills may be noticeably lower this summer.
  • You are unlikely to notice many problems throughout the summer with proper AC maintenance.

When Should You Call for Maintenance?

Right now! We know the weather hasn’t been blazing hot so far, but that’s just the right time to call a technician for maintenance. For one thing, technicians are not typically busy when temperatures are mild, so there could be more availability from your local company.

And as the busy season approaches, the weather gets warmer. During a maintenance visit, you have to shut off the system, and you may not want to do this when temperatures are at their highest.

Get ready for the summer and get any repairs out of the way by scheduling an AC maintenance visit today, before temperatures start to rise.

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