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Is Installing a Furnace Safe for My Home?

Long ago, furnaces were not always considered the safest systems to install in a home. But today’s models are some of the most efficient, safe, and reliable heating systems out there, able to detect safety hazards quickly and activate features to shut down the unit or turn off the gas right away. New furnace installation should be very safe for your home, as long as you choose professionals for the job.

Furnaces used to operate using a standing pilot light, meaning that the pilot light had to remain lit at all times. Today’s manufacturer’s don’t use standing pilots, but even if your current furnace still has one, it probably has a safety feature that models built decades ago were not equipped with. Very old furnaces had no safety mechanism in place to prevent gas from continuing to leak out if the flame were to ever go out. This posed health and safety hazards that were later corrected with a piece called the thermocouple. The thermocouple senses when there is no longer a flame and shuts off the gas immediately.

But modern furnaces don’t actually need a standing gas pilot light. Instead, they use an electronic ignition system to light the burner only when heat is needed. If the burners don’t light up after a few seconds, a flame sensor shuts off the gas valve. A few other parts are also in place to protect you and your family, such as the air pressure switch that shuts off the gas when combustion gases are not venting properly and the limit switch which keeps the chamber from overheating.

When you choose professionals for the job, your new furnace installation should go smoothly. Your new furnace won’t just be as safe it can possibly be; it will also help you to save money from month to month if you work with an expert to choose a unit with a high AFUE rating and the ENERGY STAR seal of approval. And if you follow up your new installation with annual heating maintenance, you can protect your home safety for years to come.

The experts at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning are trained to give you the most thorough maintenance visit possible and install your new Colorado Springs heating system safely and with utmost accuracy.

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