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The Importance of Monitoring Your Home for Carbon Monoxide Safety

You would know if your heating system posed a threat to your family’s safety, right? Not necessarily. If you haven’t taken every precaution to prevent and detect carbon monoxide leaks in your home this year, it’s time to start. Monitoring your home for a CO (carbon monoxide) leak and keeping your heater maintained could save a life.

Carbon Monoxide Is Not Easily Detected

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. When there is a gas leak in your home, you may be able to detect it due to the smell of rotten eggs it gives off. But a carbon monoxide leak will not give off such a smell.

Many people do not know about a carbon monoxide leak until after people in the home start getting sick. And, unfortunately, hundreds of accidental carbon monoxide deaths occur each year in the U.S.

About Carbon Monoxide Detectors

There should be carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home to alert you and your family members when a CO leak could make you sick. Local laws vary, but many state that carbon monoxide detectors should be within 10 feet of any room where people sleep.

Even if carbon monoxide detectors are not regulated in your area, it is so important to have them, no matter what, and to test them regularly (along with your smoke detectors). Test the alarm once a month by holding down the button. You can bring it in for complete testing to a local fire department. And remember that carbon monoxide detectors only last about 5-7 years.

What to Do for Your Heater

A cracked heat exchanger in the furnace can lead to CO leaks in the home. This is something that could happen with time or with improper installation or service of a gas furnace. Replace your heating system in a timely manner (within 10-15 years), as older heaters have a higher risk of carbon monoxide leaks.

In addition, you should call technicians in for heating inspections once a year. They can inspect for potential safety issues and recommend repairs (or system replacement) as necessary.

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