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Saving Money on Heating for the Holidays

In the spirit of giving to others, you might not have much time to step back and find ways to reduce spending this holiday season. But around the home, changes big and small make it easy to save on monthly bills and give you more wiggle room in the holiday budget. Here are a few of the changes we recommend for your heating system, one of the biggest expenses on your utilities during this season.

Automate Your Home and Heating

Nexia Home Intelligence systems allow you the ability to take more control over your heating system. Nexia systems include the option of controlling your garage door, lighting, and security system, all from a single app on your smart phone. But our favorite feature is the control over your heating and AC systems.

A smart thermostat connects to your Wi-Fi so that you can take control over the temperature no matter where you are. If you run out for some last-minute holiday shopping and forget to turn down the temperature, you can make changes from your smart phone at the store. You can check on the temperature while on vacation, or even while you’re sitting on the couch.

Turn Down the Temperature

Home automation is a big commitment, and if you do not have the resources right now, there’s an easy way to save. Turn down the temperature! Most people feel perfectly fine with preprogrammed heating settings of about 68°! Discuss this with your family and minimize the amount of adjustments made to the system on a daily basis. This keeps the heater from becoming overworked, preventing costly breakdowns and lowering your monthly bills.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

Remember that prevention is the best cure if you want to keep your heating system from breaking down and costing you money to fix during the season when money is often tight. Change your air filter once a month—every month. And we also recommend a heating system inspection and tune-up from a qualified local contractor.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning installs home automation systems in Colorado Springs, CO, and we’ve got more helpful advice when you give us a call.

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