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Can I Set Up My Nexia Home Intelligence System Myself?

Home automation is rapidly growing in our industry, as more and more homeowners hope to automate and monitor the parts of their home that consume the most energy and the security measures that keep them safe. Nexia Home Intelligence systems provide you with all of the tools you need for home automation, allowing you complete control over some of the most important systems in your home—right from your smart phone.

We use our smart phones for everything these days, including mapping out a new route, finding a good restaurant, watching DIY repair videos, and searching for jobs. For the technologically skilled, it may seem like setting up the Nexia Home Intelligence system on your own is something worth trying. But we recommend against this.

Why we recommend calling in professionals

The products that hook up to your Nexia Home Intelligence system—your lights, air conditioner, garage door, door locks, and security system, for example—are some of the most important systems in your home. These are systems you don’t want to have issues with, but a faulty installation could lead to some problems.

With home automation, you cannot keep the systems in your home as-is and expect them to work with your Nexia app. You have to choose compatible products that work with receiver in order to allow everything to connect to the Wi-Fi, which is what gives you the ability to unlock a door from your smart phone or turn off the AC while you’re at work.

Professional installation ensures that you get the right equipment for what you want to control. You’ll know that the products are installed correctly, without any concerns for electrical safety. And it’s always a good idea to work with an HVAC technician when making changes to your heating and air conditioning systems, even if it’s just the thermostat, so that you can feel confident it’s working efficiently.

Call the friendly professionals at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning for Nexia Home Intelligence installation in Colorado Springs, CO.

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