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Install Nexia Home Intelligence for the Holidays

It’s the perfect holiday present to give yourself this year (but you can share). Nexia Home Intelligence systems allow you and your family members to have more control over the home’s temperature, security, energy usage, and more.

You can have the home of the future—without actually buying a new home. As long as you have compatible products for your lighting, garage door, security system, thermostat, and some appliances, you can control parts of your home remotely.

And this is easy with a home automation system from Nexia. We trust this brand to have quality products available to connect, an easy-to-use thermostat, and everything you need to make the holiday season a little easier.

Going away for the holidays?

You’re leaving home for several days, but want to keep a close eye on the house. Nexia home automation systems connect to your security system via the Nexia Bridge, which can connect to a compatible wireless outdoor or indoor camera. You can install a deadbolt with a lockpad and code to find out if someone is attempting to enter your house, and even a glass-break sensor. You can also check to see if your smoke detector has been activated or if there’s a flood in the house.

Went out caroling, but left the heater on high?

We know how important it is to save energy, and the smart phone app makes it easy to do that no matter where you are. You can check on the current temperature, make adjustments, and monitor your energy usage right from an app on your phone.

Settling in for a holiday movie marathon?

With compatible lighting installations and switches, you can impress all your friends by dimming the lights from the couch when you settle in for a holiday movie marathon. You can unlock the doors to let in a friend. You can even lower the window shades.

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