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Achoo! Allergy Season Is Here—We Can Help

blowing-noseThe arrival of warm weather in spring is a cause for celebration. But spring also brings with it a problem that can make life much less enjoyable for people in your household—allergies.

Spring is allergy season because the plant bloom that occurs during the first warm weather of the year releases large amounts of pollen into the air. The increased pollen count triggers seasonal allergies, known as hay fever (allergic rhinitis). Hay fever isn’t a viral infection, but its symptoms are similar to those of flus and colds, and can be just as unpleasant: runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, and sinus pain. And unlike fevers and colds, hay fever’s symptoms start immediately after a person is exposed to the allergens that trigger it.

There are several ways to combat seasonal allergies, such as with both prescription and over-the-counter medicine. But we’re here to help you combat seasonal allergies with your home’s HVAC system. The allergens of the season can easily get into your house and begin circulating through the HVAC system. But with the right IAQ solutions, you can make allergy season much easier.

Air Filtration

The best place to start with combating allergy season pollutants is with air filtration systems in Colorado Springs, CO. An air filtration system is specially integrated into the ductwork of your house (and is different from the standard filter in the HVAC cabinet) to trap particulate matter moving through the ventilation system. An effective air filter traps most pollen, as well as dust, dander, lint, and dust mites. But you must have professionals handle selecting and installing the filters. If filters that are too powerful are put in place, they will end up harming the HVAC system and cut down on the airflow from the AC to the rooms. If the most powerful air filter available to you still isn’t stopping all the pollutants, you’ll need…

Air Purification

Air purifiers are electrically powered installations that remove unwanted contaminants from the air without creating an obstacle against airflow. Many air purifiers use ionization to charge the particles in the air so they can be drawn down from the air current and collected on oppositely charged plates.

Another common type of air purifier, and one that’s often useful during allergy season, is the UV air purifier. Mold spores are a major allergy trigger, and the lights from a UV air purifier will kill mold spores and prevent mold from growing back. A UV air purifier is also effective against viruses and microbes. 

Remember to Change Your Air Filter

We mentioned earlier the air filter that’s already on your HVAC system. This filter isn’t there to improve air quality—which is why you need special air filters—but it can harm indoor air quality during allergy season if it’s left in place for too long. The filter can pick up pollen and dander, and even mold, and continue to circulate it through the house. If people in your household have allergy problems, we recommend changing the filter each month. 

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