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Thinking About the Future of Your Home Heating This Spring

furance-checked-by-technicianWe’re still experiencing cool weather here in Colorado Springs, even though we’re a few weeks into the spring season. Although 45°F can seem warm compared to the extremes of winter, that’s still too cold to shut off your heating system yet, and a long way from having to turn on the AC. 

Nevertheless, we’re moving into the winding-down-period for heating, so if you need heater repair in Colorado Springs, CO, please don’t hesitate to call us to get it done. You don’t want to shut down your furnace or other heating system when it still needs repair service. This is part of the planning for the future of your home heating as we transition into the warmer months of the middle of the year. We have a few more tips for thinking about home heating for the coming winters—spring is a great time to have upgrades and replacements done.

Reminder: Don’t let repairs lie fallow

We have to repeat this: if your furnace or other heating system is showing signs it needs repair work, do not put them off just because warmer weather is almost here. For one thing, neglecting a faulty heater can turn dangerous, and you must never allow a gas-fired heating system to run if there’s anything wrong with it. Neglecting heating repairs also puts you at the mercy of an abrupt system failure right when you need the heater the most. After all, June has been known to throw major cold weather snaps at us! Please don’t leave yourself unprepared.

Contemplate replacing an old heater

We know you want to get the most years possible from your heater so you get the best return in investment on it. But we don’t recommend trying to squeeze extra years from a heater that is in decline. This can create safety hazards, but it also costs extra money in repairs and operating costs as efficiency starts to collapse. If you have a heater that is more than five years past its estimated service life, you are almost certainly paying far too much to keep it going. Ask us about upgrading it during the spring, when you can consider many options for a new system. 

How well has your heater performed this last winter?

This is an important question to ask each spring; it can point the way toward making upgrades or planning a replacement a few years early so you can head off potential troubles. If you noticed a rise in your heating bills that you can’t account for, or the heater seemed to struggle to meet your basic comfort needs more than once, we recommend having our technicians survey the heater and see if it needs a major repair, or maybe even an early replacement. Replacing a heater that is near the upper limit of its service life expectancy isn’t really an early replacement—it’s a timely replacement. 

Our team wants you to have the best, most energy-efficient, and safest heating possible. Call us and we can help you chart a great heating future for your house. 

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