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Announcement: Robbins Joins PurelyAire© to offer Highest-ION technology in Douglas and El Paso counties

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Colorado Springs’ reputable HVAC business of 40 years, announced that they have joined the nationwide advanced air purification contractor group PurelyAire© and will be installing, warranting, and servicing the “highest-output (HO) technology” ION generators available today. 

Before HO, the next highest ION generators produce 400 million ION per second. Robbins will be offering HO technology that starts at 10 Billion IONS per second and upwards for larger applications. Because HO technology delivers at least 25 times the ION density in the space of a home or business than all competing ION generators, HO has a much better impact on air contaminants and takes less time to purify air. The manufacturer behind the HO technology reports it is highly effective at killing viruses including COVID-19, but Robbins emphasizes to their customers to purchase HO for its ability to purify air better than other options today. And because it has the lowest ozone output (< 0.001 ppm), well under federal requirements, it is safe for humans and animals.

If you do not yet know why IONs are so effective at purifying air, we encourage you to investigate at and

When you discover what IONs can do for you and where you live and work, give Robbins a call to set up a discovery meeting to explore what you can do to advance your air purification. Before you buy, Robbins offers a no-risk, no-charge trial to first prove our HO technology’s efficacy.

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