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Keep Allergies Under Control with a Whole-Home Indoor Air Quality System

It’s tough when you just cannot seem to catch a break from your seasonal allergy symptoms. You may attribute many of your allergy symptoms to outdoor air quality, but would you guess that the air in your home may be just as contaminated, if not more so?

The air inside of homes is often full of particles that can cause difficulty for allergy and asthma sufferers, partly because we keep our houses sealed so tightly as we run our heating and air conditioning systems. Here are a few indoor air quality units that may help to control this.

  • Air Filter – The air filter in your HVAC system is able to remove many particles from the air up to a certain size. However, your filter may not be powerful enough to handle the most problematic and smallest of contaminants. It’s important to allow an HVAC professional to help you find a new air filtration system because the wrong type may block airflow to your AC or heater.
  • Electronic Air Purifier – An electronic air purifier can eliminate even more contaminants from the air. Ionization technology allows particles in the air to become charged and then attract onto a surface with the opposite charge. Many of these systems also contain filters or UV lights.
  • UV Air Purifier – Ultraviolet light has the power to kill very small organic matter, effectively sterilizing it so that it can no longer affect your health. This includes things like bacteria, viruses, and even mold.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator/Heat Recovery Ventilator – A lack of ventilation in the home makes the air stale, which can contribute to a decline in the air quality. An energy recovery ventilator lets fresh air in without affecting the efficiency of your AC and heating systems.

Call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning today for indoor air quality solutions from HVAC professionals you can trust. We install and service air purifiers, filtration systems, energy recovery ventilators, humidifiers, and UV germicidal lights in the Colorado Springs, CO area.

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