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My Air Conditioner Isn’t Very Old: Do I Need to Schedule Service?

We like to inform our customers about the benefits of scheduling annual maintenance for their air conditioners. Professional maintenance becomes particularly important as an air conditioner ages, but should you schedule service if yours is only a few years old?

Definitely! Air conditioning maintenance is a valuable service that can significantly improve the performance of your system. In fact, your AC’s warranty may be void if you neglect to get annual maintenance. Check out more advantages below!

Have a technician clean the system for improved efficiency

Think about how much dust collects on your shelves and other furniture after only a week. Can you imagine how much dust can develop on the parts of your air conditioner after a year or longer? A dirty air conditioner just won’t perform properly. Dirty coils make it difficult for heat to absorb into and dissipate from the refrigerant circulating through the system, and a dirty filter will also reduce the airflow to the unit. Cleaning the system each year helps to lower your energy costs.

Prevent problems with your AC

You bring in your car for a regular oil change even though you aren’t currently experiencing any issues. The same goes for an air conditioner. Your maintenance visit includes a tune-up of some of the most important parts, which can result in better performance and a lower chance that you’ll need repairs for the rest of summer. This includes adding any necessary lubrication, straightening bent coil fins, and tightening electrical components.

Additional Benefits

Many air conditioning and heating technicians offer maintenance agreements for an annual fee that covers 1 – 2 maintenance visits per year on top of additional benefits. This includes discounts on future repairs, priority service, and reminders for service so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

Call the experts at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning today for quality air conditioning services in the Colorado Springs, CO area from a team you can trust, and ask about our residential energy savings agreement.

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