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Resolve to Have Better Indoor Air Quality in the New Year

Commit to better health and wellness for you and your family members in the new year, and consider putting indoor air quality at the top of your list of priorities. We’ve got a few tips for making improvements to your heating system (and your air conditioner) so that you can stay healthy and comfortable throughout 2016!

  • Air Filters: Changing the air filter each month helps to take contaminants out of the air in your home, especially if you upgrade to a filter with a high MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). Even with a supplementary indoor air quality system, regular filter changes are necessary so that your heater and air conditioner can operate efficiently.
  • ERV/HRV: Do members of your household complain about stale, stuffy air? An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) and a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) are similar systems that bring in fresh air from the outdoors without having a major impact on your bills, since they preheat the air as it comes in.
  • Air Purifier: An electronic air purifier may be more effective than the filter you currently have in place. This system is usually able to catch much smaller particles, using an ionization process to charge particles, which then attract to a metal plate in the air purifier.
  • UV Air Purifier: Ultraviolet light kills and sterilizes bacteria and other small living contaminants, so that illnesses are less likely to spread.
  • Air Filtration Systems: A HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter is more effective than a standard home filter, but ask a technician if this is the right choice for your HVAC system. A HEPA filter may block airflow to your heating and air conditioning system so that it can no longer work properly.
  • Humidifier: Dry air and, as a result, dry sinuses, makes you more susceptible to illness and keeps you sick for longer. Add a humidifier to your HVAC system so you can recover faster.

Happy New Year from Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning! We offer air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services in Colorado Springs, CO. Call us today!

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