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Protect Your Home with Nexia™ Home Intelligence

Nexia™ Home Intelligence systems are helping many homeowners to stay more comfortable and to decrease their energy bills. This system allows you to connect multiple systems in your home to the wireless internet in your house, and to control them remotely from an application on your smartphone or from any device with internet access.

Many people already use Nexia™ Home Intelligence to control the air conditioning and heating systems in the home in order to make changes so that the house will be more comfortable when they arrive home from work or from a long vacation. These home automation systems can also help you to make responsible energy choices. You can shut off the AC when no one is home, and you can even hook it up to your lights to turn off one that has been left on by accident.

Today, we want to talk about one other use for home automation systems that many homeowners are unaware of: home security.

  • Lock or unlock the door: Use keypads to control your locks so you don’t have to bring a key, and you can also lock the door from afar or unlock it to let someone in.
  • Find out who’s entering your home: You can assign each person in your home a different code to the keypad, and give a separate code to any house sitters. Track these codes from the app to see who is entering your home and who is attempting to get in.
  • Get text alerts: You can choose to receive text alerts when someone enters an incorrect code on the lock keypad or when specific codes are entered.
  • Add in cameras: You can even choose to add in security cameras outside or inside of your home that connect to the wireless internet to provide you with remote access to the feed.
  • Control the lights: Since Nexia systems can also control the lights, you can use your phone to turn on all of the lights and scare away intruders when someone suspicious comes onto your property or tries to access your keypad.

Call the friendly installers at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning to get a Nexia™ Home Intelligence system in Colorado Springs, CO.

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