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Do You Really Need to Replace Your Heater?

After the holidays, you’re probably hoping to save as much money as possible. But there are some expenses you cannot avoid, like groceries and your monthly energy bills. Replacing an older heating system is another one of these inevitabilities, but you try to avoid it as long as possible.

However, if your heating system is more than 15 years old, we strongly recommend scheduling a replacement. The cost of repairs, your monthly bills, and the possibility of a safety hazard are simply not worth it.

Your Heater Is Costing You

A major reason to replace your heating system before it breaks down is the amount of money you probably spend right now on heating costs. Systems that are decades old don’t run as smoothly as they used to, and they just weren’t designed to operate efficiently. Chances are that keeping this older furnace or heat pump around for too long will end up costing you more in the end, after you total up all of the repair costs and the high monthly bills associated with a decades-old system.

Don’t Risk a Potential Safety Issue

A big risk you take with keeping an older heating system around for too long is the possibility of a sudden system breakdown that leaves you with no heat at all. But an even bigger risk is one you might not notice. A carbon monoxide leak could be deadly. And if your heat exchanger has been working for multiple decades, a cracked heat exchanger could allow for carbon monoxide to leak into your home.

Call Professionals and Save More

We know that it’s difficult to plan for the cost of a heating system replacement, but have you considered financing options and payment plans? A quality HVAC contractor will help you to save on the cost of a new heating system installation. And when you decide to install a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR heating system, you’re likely to save on your overall monthly cost of ownership anyway with significantly lower heating costs.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning offers heating system replacements in Colorado Springs, CO. We want to help you have more efficient, safer heating, so call our team today!

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